Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finishing My Redesign

I can’t believe that it’s February already!  January went by so fast and I have made a lot of changes.  Unfortunately, the posts aren’t really coming like I hoped they would.  It’s like every day I go on the computer with the intention of blogging but end up getting distracted by other things.  It’s a habit that definitely needs breaking.  The web does an amazing job at sucking you into a world of news stories, interesting facts, videos, articles and of course the ever growing social media.

The low temperatures don’t make it any easier.  Here in Minnesota it’s been extremely cold and snowy.  I spent most of January indoors which was hard on me since I like to be out so much.  I’d like to find more places to get out and do things at.  Whether it’s volunteering, shopping or even finding a side job, I’m interested in getting involved with more things.  Hopefully things will start opening up… We still have our snowiest months to come!  Despite the weather it’s given me some time to finish my redesign projects.

My blog is pretty much put together and redesigned! I just have a few tabs to finish and I’m in the process of doing that.  It's taking a lot of time but it will be well worth it.  Anyone have any comments or suggestions?  So far I’ve gotten positive reviews from people and I love the new design.

My room is just about back together.  I changed the color from light blue to sail cloth (more of a light taupe color); it’s a big difference and definitely more grown-up.  I also hung all new pictures but still have a few walls to go.  I also ordered 2 recliners to put in there instead of my blue couch.  That way I can sit in one of the recliners to get a break from my wheelchair and bed.  I’ll be posting pictures in about a month when everything comes together, hopefully sooner than later.

Today I’m going to be watching the Super Bowl.  I don’t usually watch a lot of football, although I’ll watch the Minnesota Vikings here and there (mostly when they’re doing well which isn’t too often these days).  The Super Bowl is packed with good teams, lots of noise, and great commercials.  Sometimes I just want for the commercials which is rare because most of the time when I’m watching TV I try to avoid them by fast forwarding!

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