Sunday, January 19, 2014


I’m currently going through a bunch of changes in my life.  This also includes a well needed update on my blog.  You will soon see my blog transform before your eyes!  Over time, some things may need to be edited or changed, but the fresh new look is going to be awesome!  I can’t wait until everybody can see what it looks like!  Feel free to comment or ask questions about the change.  I’m also open to suggestions if you have any.

Along with my blog changing, I decided to paint my room and redecorate as well.  It’s been painted and now I just have to put everything together.  I’m also going to buy new things to put in my room very soon.  I will definitely post pictures of the new color and then eventually of my whole room.



Rai said...

Love the new look! can't wait to see all the new changes! :)

Kaylyn Marie said...

I love the new look, Jenni! Thanks for keeping up with your blog and inspiring us all every day. :) Glad to see you're doing well!!

Feynman said...

I am impressed. I love the new look of your blog!