Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holes in the Schedule

As a result of my injury I am on a ventilator and have 24/7 nursing to help with all of my needs and assist with my cares. There are some that work full time (36 hours a week) and some that work part-time.  Every nurse works a 12 hour shift; some work days which is 7 AM to 7 PM and some work nights which is 7 PM to 7 AM.
Over the past couple of months we have been having some shortage of nursing.  First, one of my day nurses hurt her back while trying to adjust me in my wheelchair.  She worked three twelve hour shifts a week.  Then, one of my night nurses who worked the same amount of hours a week had to leave in the middle of the night because of a family emergency.  Directly after she got really sick and ended up in the hospital. After all of this, my other full-time day nurse put in her two week notice.
Whenever we don’t have a nurse, my mom or my sister takes over and steps into that role.  Sometimes it’s nice not to have a nurse around and just have family however it’s a lot to take on when there are so many holes in the schedule.  If we have difficulty finding people to fill in my mom ends up doing multiple shifts in a row; that includes staying up all night and then all day.  My sister knows all of my cares and it’s nice when she’s able to help out.  I’m very grateful to have both of them there for me in case a nurse doesn’t show up, is late, or calls in.
One thing that’s difficult for me is when we desperately need somebody and the agency sends out people to work the shift that I haven’t met or haven’t trained.  I direct all my own cares and in those instances become the “trainer”.  I try my best but sometimes it’s hard to explain something to someone without being able to show them or have them see it first.  There are times where I get frustrated because of its difficulty.  It’s not easy to manage a team of nurses, along with figuring out a schedule that works best with everybody including me.

Although my night nurse is feeling much better and back at work, we are now searching for a full-time and part-time day nurse, as well as a part-time night nurse.  If you or someone you know is an LPN or RN in the Twin Cities area looking for hours and may be interested in working for me, please email me and let me know.  I’m also looking for backup PCA’s (no experience needed).



Colleen said...

Hi! I have good luck with my agency...AccurateHomecare.com

They have grown a lot and always have meet and greets for me, should i be short someone! Good Luck! I totally understand this issue.

The Dutchess said...

Hello there...

I found your blog whilst making a post about tracks in the snow..how wonderful that I could follow a track and end up at your place..!!!!

I hope its oke oke when I visit you more often..?
Stay strong and stay happy..

Greets from Holland

T.D and Comapany.

Stephan White said...

If we have difficulty finding people to fill in my mom ends up doing multiple shifts in a row; that includes staying up all night and then all day.

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