Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Minnesota State Fair

A week ago Monday I went to the Minnesota State fair. I met my sister, Kristen and my boyfriend, Blake there. I haven't gone for a few years. When I am there, I have to be careful where I go. There is a place called "the midway" that has a bunch of electronic games you can play with tickets to win prizes. Two years in a row when I've been at the fair in that area my ventilator has reacted funny. It starts beeping and malfunctioning; we think it's because it reacts with of all the electronics. Both times we had to have a respiratory therapist come out and switch my vent. Since then I haven't gone to "the midway" because I'm afraid something like that will happen again.

Two years ago was the last time I was at the fair and it was extremely hot and very crowded. Nothing changed this year. I had a lot of fun but I think I got heat exhaustion. It was at least 90°F outside and very humid. Even though I was drinking a lot of water, my body couldn't cool itself down. I don't sweat below the level of my spinal cord injury at C-1 C-2. This is common in most people with SCI's. Sweating is very important in order for someone to regulate their temperature when they are really warm. Because I don't, it's hard for my body to control its temperature. If it's hot I'm hot and if it's cold I'm cold. It took my body a while to cool down, but after I did I felt much better. (Click here to read another post about SCI's and body temperature.)

The biggest craze for people when they go to the state fair is the food. A lot of times that's why people go. They have everything you can imagine deep-fried including bacon, candy bars, pickles etc. They also have just about every type of food you can imagine on a stick such as what's mentioned above along with alligator, cheese, ostrich, chicken, cheese cake, etc. I've been told though that I'm no fun to go to the fair with because I'd rather eat a salad over something fried or junk food. When going there, the thing is to get a plate of something and share with everybody in the group so people get a taste of a bunch of things and not full on just one thing. When I was there I ate some of my sisters Australian fried potatoes, a bite of a Pronto pup (deep-fried hotdog), a couple of cheese curds and the grilled corn on the cob. I had never had the latter before, but I love corn and it was so good. That's probably the only thing I would definitely have to get next time I go.

What's your favorite thing at a fair, Carnival, or amusement park either in Minnesota or where you live?


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