Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogging Again!

I keep starting new blog posts and not finishing them. I think I have about six or seven Microsoft Word documents saved to my desktop, all blog posts about something different. It's been at least two weeks since I've posted anything. I don't know why I've been having such difficulty finishing a post but I am. Maybe it's some sort of writer's block or something like that. Well I'm definitely going to be blogging more frequently now.

I started school last Tuesday and I'm taking geology with a lab (two lectures and one lab in one week, all on separate days). I really like it so far, especially since I love rocks so much and collecting them. I was signed up originally for the geology class and also a public relations class online, but I ended up dropping the latter. I don't need the credits for the class in order to graduate with my Associates in communications in December.
More blog posts to come soon.


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