Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

The other day I surprised my boyfriend, Blake, with tickets to The Lion King at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis. I actually bought them a couple months ago and told him we were going somewhere on February 12 but didn't tell him where. He didn't know until we pulled up to the theater and there were all sorts of flags for it. I kept it a secret the whole time.

My sister and her boyfriend, Tony, met us there. It was an amazing show! We all liked it a lot. Afterwards we went to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. Blake brought me a bouquet of roses and a picture frame with our picture in it. I've never been treated so special and lovingly by a guy before. I'm so happy right now in my life and relationship!

A couple years ago I didn't like Valentine's Day. I thought it was just a holiday they made up for sales. I didn't think that people needed a special day just to go out or give a gift. Now that I'm in a relationship I feel totally different. It's a day to celebrate people's love for each other. I think also when people have families and careers it can be a day that reminds them of what they have. Maybe they need that special day to be able to slow down and celebrate life together.


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