Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictures from My Birthday

Above are some pictures from my birthday yesterday when my mom, sister and I went to Benihana restaurant for lunch. I had so much fun! I hadn't been there for about five years or so. I had chicken and it comes with rice, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms. The chef cooked everything in front of us.

The first picture is of me when we first got there. The second one is our chef Aaron. The third picture is a chicken he made out of egg and the fourth is a heart he made out of rice. The last picture is of some of the waitresses singing happy birthday to me in Japanese.



Rai said...

Sounds like you had a blast. last time i've been to a place like that was about 8 years ago and it was alot of fun .

tc said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Impressed.

Steph said...

:) COOL, I love that place. Yum. I just got over the swine flu and am feeling much better now---still tired and relaxing in bed but a lot better. They put me on tamiflu. I got sick like one day into my vacation up north. YAY! Maybe we can hang out tomorrow or this coming week? Let me know what works for you, if I don't hear from ya I will call you this coming week. Love ya

Greg said...

great pics, looks like a great time.

karly said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday. you are always so thoughtful and kind to me. I love the blanket you gave me today. Happy late birthday!