Friday, July 4, 2014

Pain and Therapy

Continuing from my post before this…

Along with all of my spasms and tightness comes pain as well. I’ve upped my therapy during the week to double sessions (1 ½ hours instead of 45 minutes) to try to get things under control. I’ve also integrated more stretching during the day to help decrease my tightness. It makes it a little difficult to do things when everything’s going on at once and I’m having a hard time managing things in that department. I feel like I’m in a constant battle with my body. I’m not sure what else I can do. All I can say is my schedule is pretty booked already with therapy. I know I’ve talked about my therapy before but here is a look at my weekly schedule:

Monday: Massage 9 AM-10 AM
Tuesday: PT 8 AM-9:30 AM followed by Acupuncture for 45 minutes
Wednesday: PT Afternoon for 1 ½ hours
Thursday: Manual Therapy 8:30 AM (kind of like PT only a little different)
Friday: PT 8:15 AM-9:45 AM

Currently, I am looking into other options to figure out where my tightness and pain is coming from. I went to a Gillette clinic for a seating evaluation yesterday and the guy that did it told me it might be time for a new wheelchair! Not sure what to think this info yet; I’ve had this wheelchair for 4 years now. My last electric wheelchair died on me after 5 years so it’s definitely a real possibility and consideration. Does anybody have any suggestions on brand, style etc.? I have only worked with Invacare wheelchairs but I want something different. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Coming next post: more about me and what I've been up to; less about tightness and pain!


JenJen said...

Jenni, I currently have a Permobil C500 wheelchair and really like it. Like you, I had only had an Invacare chair before. Permobil offers more positioning options. I have pain and spasticity due to cerebral palsy. I would definitely recommend it.

Kristen said...

Hi Jenni. I just came across your blog, and I'm excited to make my way through your posts to learn more about your story and outlook. My husband became a ventilator dependent quad in July 2013. He is currently in a Permobil M300 chair. We haven't had experience with any other kind of chair, but he really likes it. He also has a Jay Fusion cushion.

I've started a blog to chronicle our journey. You can see pics of his chair on the blog if you want to check it out.

Looking forward to reading more about you.



Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you! I am hoping you can get the spasms, pain and tightness under control with your therapy. And hope the uti's quit coming back. How miserable...
Even with all that, sounds like you have been a busy person. Bet you are having great fun being an aunt!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni. I use a TDX SP chair and would not recommend it (though I'm stuck with it for a few more years, unfortunately!)
If you're looking for something different and "cool," check out Theirs actual tank chair is a bit too over-the-top for my tastesBut if you click on "products" you'll see their chair called the Speedster. It's the one I have my eye on, and you might like it too!

Hannah Holland said...

It's unfortunate that you had to experience that much pain. Thankfully, you had a good lineup of treatments scheduled for the whole week. At least it gave you a means to be rid of those pains soon after. And hopefully it will help keep it from coming back. How was it, btw?

Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community ACU

Brandy Jiang said...

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Jason Wright said...

I have had some extreme back pain in the past 2 weeks. I would usually think that it is just from being sore because of me working out. I have noticed that isn't the case and that I really need to focus on figuring out how to get better.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't gotten a new chair yet consider a Quantum Edge.