Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the Road to Recovery

Well, I’m finally feeling back to my old self again.  The last 2 months have definitely taken a toll on me.  After a couple months of 3 separate hospital visits at Methodist Hospital due to grand maul seizures, a couple weeks of trying to clear a UTI (and still fighting it), and just getting over the 24-hour flu (that ended up lasting more than 48 hours) all last week.  I also started to develop an infection inside my lungs and trach which fortunately is starting to go away now on its own.

It’s just like one thing was happening after another and I wasn’t able to catch up in between each episode.  My body was worn down and unable to recover as quickly as it needed to.  Unfortunately, when one sickness happens, many other ones follow.  My immune system doesn’t function at a normal level and it’s harder to get rid of infections.  Lately, I’ve been really focusing on relaxing so I can maintain stability and be able to function properly.  Luckily I bounce back pretty quickly.  I’m hoping this is the last of my seizures and everything will continue to be normal for a while.

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I was just about to post this the other night (Saturday 4/19) when I started to become a little out of it.  I started to have multiple “mini” seizures.  I say it like that because they weren’t like the minute long grand mal seizures I was having within the last 2 months.  These ones were lasting about 15 to 30 seconds.  My nurse had to call 911, the nonemergency line, and I went back to Methodist Hospital.  My mom would have just taken me in our van because the seizures weren’t as bad. We realize that utilizing the ambulance isn’t always necessary, but my case is a little more complicated.  I was so unresponsive, unable to talk with any clarity, and very confused.  So it seemed like the natural decision just to use the nonemergency service to bring me in.

We found out the seizures due to going septic from a UTI that I had just got done writing about in the post above.  They admitted me overnight in order to give me IV antibiotics and fluids and because I was still having some seizures and unresponsiveness.  Luckily, they discharged me the following day because I was already hundred percent better due to the IV antibiotics.  I made it home Easter Sunday at 12:30 PM before the 20 guests that came over.  I’m now on the right medications and was able to enjoy a gorgeous 70°F Easter day with my family!

Hopefully within the next couple of upcoming posts, I’ll be able to update you on everything that’s been happening since I started getting sick and having seizures in February.  Thanks for your patience and I look forward to updating more!

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Hi Jenni,
Hope you are feeling well and enjoying your summer! Ready for a post on what you have been up to...