Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dreams and Gifts

1) List your dreams

My dream is to be an advocate for others.  I would like to graduate college with hopes of becoming a motivational speaker and also work in public relations. I would like to speak anywhere that is needed to share my inspirational story and teach lessons.

2) List your gifts

Artistic, natural speaker and motivator, ability to inspire and help others, sense of humor, writer

3) How do I want to help my community/society?

I would like to be an advocate for people with disabilities. I also want to volunteer my time to help others in need.

4) What are societies' problems I want to help solve?

I believe that society labels people with disabilities and looks at them in a different way. I would like to change this problem and make it so that people with disabilities are seen for the abilities that they have and not their disability.

5) Your favorite values you wish to be known for:

*served or helped those who were in need
*impressed people with my going the 2nd mile, in meeting their needs
*was always a good listener
*was always good at carrying out orders, or bringing projects to a successful conclusion
*mastered some technique or field
*did something that everyone said couldn't be done
*did something that no one had ever done before
*excelled and was the best at whatever I did
*fixed something that was broken
*made something work
*improved something, made it better, perfected it
*influenced people and gained tremendous response from them
*had an impact and caused change
*did work which brought more information/truth to the world
*was a good decision maker
*was me


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