Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting School Again…

Classes for fall semester at Normandale community college start next week. I'm excited because then I'll have something to do but on the other hand I'm still enjoying my break. I signed up for Introduction to Kinesiology (exercise science) at Normandale and World Religions (philosophy) online. I went to the school today to pick up my books and find out where my one class was.

Intro to Kinesiology (the study of movement) is the only lecture exercise science class they have. My other choices were Canoeing, Exercise Walking, Swimming etc. I thought about taking one of the above or something like it and just tell the teacher that "I'll try my best but not sure how much I'll be able to do" and maybe they would give me an "A" for effort. Ha ha don't know how that would've gone over. I guess if not, just to see the look on the teacher's face if I rolled into Exercise Walking!

I'm taking World Religions because it meets two goals that I have to complete for my Associates. I also think it will be an interesting class because I like to learn stuff like that. I did take Psychology of Religion a couple semesters ago but was told that they were completely different classes. I'll be able to check it out online starting tomorrow so we'll see.

Hope everything goes well this semester! I only have a couple more to go before I'm finished; then I'll have to decide what to do after that.



kerri said...

Hi Jenni!

I'm a kinesiology student in Canada [and not athletic in the least ;)], and I took intro kinese last year -- I'm sure the classes are a LITTLE different, but it's a really broad-spectrum class which guarantees there's a variety of things that you'll probably find interesting. I hope you enjoy it! I also took a class called Adapted Physical Activity which if it's an option at your school, I bet you'd love.

I'd love to hear how the class goes for you :].

Elizabeth said...

I hated that there was only one exercise lecture class to choose from. I thought it was so boring because I'm not interested in that subject at all. You might like it though. Plus, it was really easy. Good luck with your classes :D