Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting My Tan on

Me outside in my new shades! (I'm not sunburned, just red from the heat ;-)
This whole summer I've been devoting my time to going outside and getting a tan. The weather has been so nice lately (despite a week of high humidity and temperatures). Every time I go out I put sunscreen on because I have a tendency to burn easily. A couple months ago I got major tan lines from missing the sunscreen in spots. I think they're almost all evened out now, but some are still a little noticeable.

I am so sensitive from all the medications I take. Whenever I'm in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time my skin gets really hot and turns red. The good thing is that it usually goes away within a half an hour of being back in air-conditioning. Also, since my body has a hard time regulating its temperature it usually gets higher the longer I'm out. Sometimes I take it it just see where I'm at. The other day I was 100.6 F, and that was after being in the car for 15 min. with air blowing on me. I definitely have to be careful not to overheat!

A little over six years ago I wanted to get tan really bad. So for several days in a row I sat outside in direct sunlight with no sunscreen. I got so burned my friend Steph was peeling sheets of skin off my face. That was one of the worst experiences I had with the sun and I've definitely learned my lesson since then. It's better to use the proper precautions and gradually tan as to avoid burning. (Getting smarter in my older age!)



Jackie said...

Crikey.... and I thought I was sensitive to the sun! I'm blonde and fair skinned so have to be careful, but I still stupidly forget the sunscreen now and again and get burned. You'd think I would be old enough to know better by now! (I'm 39...)!!! I hope your tan comes along nicely, do you get tan lines where your vent tube lies across your chest?

Anonymous said...

so beautiful... jialiang

Steph said...

HAHA! Ugh I remember that. So funny....you were like a reptile. Wow 6 years ago....time flies. I'll be watching you on my computer during the National competition, cheering my butt off. <3

Jenni said...

@Jackie: yes, I do get tan lines from my tubes. It's actually pretty funny looking; just a 2 inch stripe down the middle of my chest.
@Steph: totally hilarious! Could never forget moments like that… You are such a good friend!