Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick Season

I'm definitely feeling better since my reaction last week. I can't say the same for my staff. It seems like everybody around me is getting sick, including my mom. One of my nurses was supposed to work Friday Saturday and Sunday 12 hours each day. She had to call in for all three of them because she was so sick. Friday and Saturday my mom took the shifts and on Sunday we had a nurse come to fill in.

Unfortunately, the PCA that usually works from 7 AM to 11 AM called in sick on Sunday. So my mom came down to help the nurse get me dressed and out of bed. Then the PCA that works weekdays called last night saying that she just got out of the hospital for emergency surgery and she can't work for two weeks. So, looks like my mom will be helping out with that now too until we can find someone. Staffing is hard around times where sickness is going around.



Anonymous said...

that is so sad to hear... it must be hard on you and your mum... hope it will get better... by the way i think your last sentence is not complete :) jialiang

karly said...

We understand completely Jenni! We hope things are settling down at the end of this week and that your Mom is well now. Hugs from us.
lois and karly